Flea Market

Flea Market slots is a fun play on words that literally features fleas at a market. This is evident from both the game's atmosphere and some of the symbols you'll see. Let's discuss this classic 3-reel slot by looking at its symbols, atmosphere, special features, and betting options. We'll also give you our final take on whether Flea Market is worth playing.

Symbols and Atmosphere

At the top of the screen, you'll see a flea shop owner discussing his merchandise with a prospective customer. You'll also see a child flea sitting on a dresser and eating a lollipop. Add in chattering customers and children laughing in the background, and it truly feels like you're in a marketplace - only one featuring human-like fleas.

Symbols include a diamond ring, dresser, lollipop, triple BAR, double BAR, single BAR, and lollipop. The ring pays the most, offering 10,000 coins on a max bet. The dresser pays the next most at 200 coins, which is quite a drop-off from the diamond jackpot. The lowest payout is 2 coins for a single lollipop in the payline.

The graphics in this game are average. Of course, we don't expect the latest 3D visuals because Flea Market is an older 3-reel slot from Rival Gaming. Plus, the graphics do a good job of setting up the atmosphere.

Flea Market Slots Special Features

The diamond symbol is wild and can help you form winning combinations. It also offers multipliers when appearing in other wins. 1 diamond ring delivers a 2x multiplier, while 2 diamond rings offer a 4x multiplier.

Let's look at an example where you form a payout with 3 lollipops, which normally offer 80 coins. However, 2 diamonds help make up this payout, which boosts your win to 320 coins courtesy of the 4x multiplier (80 x 4).

We'd like to see more features from Flea Market. But we'll certainly take the wild symbol and multipliers, given that many classic 3-reelers don't offer either of these features.

Betting Options

This game only has one payline, meaning there's nothing to adjust in terms of lines. But you can change your coin size from $0.01 to $0.25, and number of coins from 1-2. This makes the minimum bet worth one cent per spin and the max worth $0.50.

The coin size doesn't have an impact on Flea Market's strategy. But we highly suggest that you wager 2 coins per spin because this gives you the max jackpot. The diamond jackpot payout increases 150% when moving from a 1-coin (4,000) to 2-coin win (10,000).

Final Thoughts on Flea Market Slots

Like most 3-reel slots, Flea Market doesn't have stunning graphics or the latest features. But if you enjoy classic slots, this game is definitely worth a try. We like the play on words and marketplace atmosphere. And it certainly doesn't hurt that you can win up to 10,000 coins. Add in some fun symbols and Flea Market Slots can keep you entertained for a half hour or longer.