Diamond Dazzle

Many online slots deal with the theme of diamonds and precious jewels. But few offer the unique atmosphere that Diamond Dazzle does. Let's cover this interesting atmosphere next while also discussing this game's symbols, features, and betting options.

Symbols and Theme

Diamond Dazzle combines an interesting mix of precious jewels and an intergalactic atmosphere. The outer-space theme is represented by a bluish-purple background with stars. This game also features an upbeat tune that adds to the space feeling.

The symbols are based on a variety of jewels. These include a red gem, yellow gem, green ruby, blue gem, purple gem, round diamond, medium-sized diamond, small diamond, large black diamond (scatter), medium black diamond (scatter), and small black diamond (scatter).

As with most gem-themed slots, Diamond Dazzle doesn't have much room to impress players with the graphics and animations. After all, diamonds and other gems don't lend themselves to a dynamic slots theme. But this game does the best it can by featuring polished gems and flashy animations during wins.

Diamond Dazzle Special Features

This is a 3-reel, one-payline game, so we're not surprised that Diamond Dazzle is void of intricate features. But this slot does have one feature in black diamond scatter symbols.

These icons can form wins from anywhere on the screen, and they also pay the most. 3 large black diamonds offer 1,500 coins when appearing 3 times onscreen, which is quite a bit more than the round diamond (600 coins).

Betting Options

You can't adjust paylines in this game because there's only one. But you can change the coin size and coins per line with options underneath the reels. Coin size can be adjusted from $0.01 to $10.00, while you can play up to three coins on the single payline. This makes for a minimum bet of one cent, and a maximum of $30.00 per spin.

You don't gain anything in terms of strategy by betting a higher coin size. But you should wager 3 coins per spin because this gives you more value on the large black diamond. Going further, 3 large black diamonds are worth 400 coins on a 1-coin bet, 800 coins on a 2-coin wager, and 1,500 on a 3-coin bet. The disproportionate jump from 2 credits (800) to 3 credits (1,500) is why you want to bet the maximum.

Other options include Bet Max and Auto. Bet Max lets you wager the largest number of coins (3), while Auto keeps the reels spinning automatically with your selected betting options.

Final Thoughts on Diamond Dazzle

Diamond Dazzle puts an interesting spin on jewels by including mysterious music and an outer-space background. Anybody who's tired of bland jewel-themed slots will appreciate what Diamond Dazzle has to offer.

The only downside is that this game doesn't include much in the way of features. While the black diamond is a scatter icon, this is nothing new in slots. Nevertheless, we still recommend giving Diamond Dazzle a few spins thanks to its theme and solid graphics.