Crazy Camel Cash

For whatever reason, camels have a long association with lottery and casino games. Crazy Camel Cash is another fine example because this one-payline, 3-reel slot is all about camels. And as you'll see below, this game also has a heavy Middle Eastern theme. That said, let's discuss what this game has to offer in terms of symbols, graphics, betting, and special features.

Symbols and Graphics

Crazy Camel Cash opens with a bang as a Middle Eastern dance tune starts blaring. You'll also see pyramids, palm trees, the sky, and camels running in the background. This all combines to make Crazy Camel Cash feel like far more than your average classic slot.

Symbols include: a camel, gold cup, sheikh, palm tree, magic carpet, triple BAR, double BAR, and single BAR.

The camel is the most-important symbol because it's wild and substitutes for anything else to help form payouts. This icon is also the only one that can create a prize without landing three times in the payline.

Like many 3-reel slots produced by Rival Gaming, Crazy Camel Cash offers above-average graphics and unique symbols. We also like how the Crazy Camel Cash sign lights up whenever you form a win.

Betting Options

You can adjust your coin size from $0.01 to $10.00, and use 1-3 coins. This makes the minimum wager worth one cent, and the max worth $30.00.

Given that Crazy Camel Cash offers a slight progression on the jackpot payout, we recommend that you use all three coins. You can see what we mean by looking at the following payouts for three camels:

1-coin bet jackpot = 500 coins 2-coin jackpot = 1,000 coins 3-coin jackpot = 2,000 coins

Note that you can push the Bet Max button to automatically wager 3 coins. Another option is Auto, which keeps the reels spinning during real money play.

Crazy Camel Cash Special Features

The only special feature in this game is that the camel also serves as a multiplier. If you land two camels in a payline combination with another symbol, you'll receive 3x the normal payout.

Here's an example: you get 1 gold cup and two camels in the payline. By itself, 3 gold cups would normally pay 450 coins. But thanks to the 3x multiplier from both camels, you instead receive 1,350 coins.

Final Thoughts on Crazy Camel Cash

As mentioned before, Crazy Camel Cash isn't your average 3-reel slot. Instead, it offers vibrant music, solid graphics, a wild symbol, and multiplier. The background also looks good, with its palm trees, pyramids, and herd of camels. We're not saying that the graphics and features are going to blow you away. But this slot has enough extras to combine entertainment with the simplicity of a 3-reel slot. That said, if you enjoy playing online 3-reel games, then Crazy Camel Cash is worth trying.