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Fantastic Fruit is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot that offers a vibrant take on the classic fruit theme we've seen for decades. What does Fantastic Fruit do different from similar classic slots? Find out as we cover this game's symbols, atmosphere, betting options, and special features.

Symbols and Theme

When you open Fantastic Fruit, you'll immediately know that it's different from other fruit machines. You'll see a large pile of 3D fruit to the left, including apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, and pineapples. Although the background doesn't feature the most-modern graphics, it still looks good and offers more to look at than your standard classic game.

Another interesting thing about Fantastic Fruit is the music, which is a mixture of birds and a mellow tune. This combination makes you feel like you're in a tropical place where fruit grows.

Symbols include cherries, lemons, limes, plums, and BARs. The symbol graphics feature the same 3D visuals that are seen in the background. Another nice effect is that you see fruit go rolling by whenever winning payouts are formed.

The cherries pay the most, offering 400 coins for 3 symbols in the payline. The lemons pay the second most, delivering 120 coins for 3 symbols.

Betting Options

You can put 1-3 coins on each payline, and make your coin size worth between $0.01 and $10.00. This makes for a minimum bet of one cent, and a max wager of $30.00 per spin.

While your coin size doesn't matter in terms of gaining an advantage, you should play all 3 coins. That's because the cherries feature a progressive jump when winning on the third coin, with cherry payouts including 100 coins (1-coin bet), 200 coins (2-coin bet), and 400 coins (3-coin bet).

Fantastic Fruit Special Features

Fantastic Fruit doesn't offer any wild symbols, multipliers, or bonuses. This falls in line with other classic slots, but the lack of special features will still be a detractor for those who want more from online slots. The closest thing to a special feature is the Autospin button, which is available during real money play. However, this is more a betting option than a feature.

Final Thoughts on Fantastic Fruit

If you enjoy playing fruit-themed slot machines, then Fantastic Fruit is worth a try. We like the background, which offers a bounty of different fruits around the reels. Many players will also enjoy seeing the fruit roll by during winning payouts. Another thing to like about this slot is its simplicity, allowing any novice to jump right in and start playing with no learning curve.

The biggest downside to Fantastic Fruit is the fact that it doesn't offer any extra features. As long as you're not obsessed about the special features of a slot, then Fantastic Fruit is worth a try.

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